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:O !

Why don't governments take notes from this ! So many easy answers to real problems !

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On ne voit pas souvent du fran├žais sur Newgrounds :-)
D'ailleurs on en entend pas assez non plus pendant ce clip.
But it's a good work really, the grand-ma made me think of Howard's mother in TBBT somehow :-P
Good animation, correct jokes, French in the title = 8/10.
Nice work again, thanks for distracting me a little.

Great !

I enjoy the Brackenwood series, but the narration is new in this episode. And it's great. Unfortunately, as always, the end comes too soon ^^ But I guess I'll wait with impatience the next episode.
Poor littl' Dashkin :-/
Will he meet a girlfriend ? :-)
Will he have a shave ?
Will he continue to bother other animals ? (I guess the answer is "yes" to this one :-P)

Overall, great animation, perfectly fiting music, passionating story.... What else ?
10/10 and 5/5.

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...is a good point.
Of course the graphics are not awesome and the gameplay is not "fluid" but it's so cool ! Playing only with spacebar is not new, but having to type morse code to play. That is new.
You'll have to get used to it in the beginning I grant you that, and it takes some time just to do little things.
I enjoyed the experiment, maybe not everyone will.

Music was good as well. Thank you for your hard work on this game.

Grent responds:

Thnks for the review. Glad you liked it!

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Pleasant :-)

Congrats to you and your twin, this song really caught the spirit of a Zelda game.
However, what I found as a - (minus), is the repetitive overall impression it gives when listening the entire song. Maybe shorter would be great.
Anyways I'm no professional so the value of what I wrote is... what it is :-)
Thanks for making this work !

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crazyguylink responds:

actually, the length, bell tolls and the eerie theme that started the track were the only things not altered from my twin's work. As a Zelda fan, I noticed potential for it to resemble one and made the additional tweaks to the overall soundpool. Even though there wasn't much, it was more than enough to work with. BTW, i give all credit, even for the finished product to him, since I could never come up with such effective canvas.

Just great...

Well... I especially like the part borrowed -I think- from East Clubbers "Beat is coming", and the FatboySlim part as well. Nice beats and well awesome sound in general. Keep going EON.


Well remixed, the original was less "danceable" (of course the music was not made for dancing in the beginning) anyway, very nice song you made, congratulations ! 5/5 and downloaded.

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